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Endless Solar Corporation Limited


Hot Cool Air

International Patents

World Class Engineering & Innovation

Response to Climate Crisis, Energy Crisis, & Disrupted Living

Australian HVAC Innovation Backed by Global Technology Patents

An Australian Emerging HVAC Technology Aimed at Cooling Environments, People, and the World.

Endless Solar Corporation Limited (ESC) is listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) of Australia. 


The Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) industry is predicted to grow to ~$328B globally by 2030 (Statista), as the world pivots to accommodate a global climate, energy, and conflict crisis. 

"The world is what we make it...and together, we made much hotter. It's time to change"

Welcome to a renewed opportunity for comfortable, sustainable, environmentally responsible, living; 


Image by Naomi Hébert


At Endless Solar Corporation Ltd, our solution CoolSolar may become one of the quickest ubiquitous success stories on the planet. Our product could be adopted across the home heating & cooling marketplace, globally.

Renovated Office


Endless Solar Corporation Ltd aims to be a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies, offering solutions at every scale...from office blocks, to high-rise buildings, from supermarkets and shopping centres...our special technology can save you up to 90% of your heating & cooling costs, with significant increases in sustainable, reliable temperature control.

Image by Crystal Kwok


Our technology could be the ideal application for your energy intensive industrial environment. For either temperature control efficiencies of pre-cooling to chill, or pre-heating to boost, our solution could offer you reliable, efficient, cost-saving opportunities, whilst also reducing the carbon and environmental footprint in resulting products and for your business.

" imagine a world taking up to 90% less of the world's precious energy to heat and cool our living environment, the reality is, we may need CoolSolar."

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