Central Solar Hot Water System Darlinghurst Apartment Block

The owner of a block of 12 apartments in Darlinghurst, Sydney is responsible for supplying hot water to each apartment from a central system. Even though the volume of water used by each apartment is low, the cost of heating the water via an ageing industrial gas boiler had become too high (almost $1600 per month) and this was impacting the profitability of the property investment.

The boiler was occupying a premium space in the small yard and was presenting a major fire and safety hazard. Due to this hazard, the insurance premium had increased by 70% and the rental value of the units was
gradually decreasing because 6 out the 12 units had an unsightly view of the old rusting boiler.

The owner wanted to use as much of the roof area as possible for the installation – and to have it completed fast without inconveniencing the tenants in any way. The overall objective was to reduce the cost of providing hot water, while adding value to the investment. Forward projections provided by Endless Solar indicated that savings of more than 60% could be expected on the gas bills.

After analyzing hot water demand in the building, 90 evacuated tubes were specified, with 3 frames and 2 Bosch Gas Boosters for back up heating. The water is fed straight into the 3 large hot water storage tanks in the ceiling cavity.
With the support of the owner, the tenants were kept fully informed of what was about to happen and there was minimal interruption to the hot water supply. The Endless Solar components were integrated with the existing plumbing and storage. As part of the scope of works, Endless Solar also installed insulating sleeves on the existing plumbing in order to maximize the efficiency of the system.

1 Bligh Street, Sydney

1 Bligh is a premium grade sustainable office space and is a building that combines leading edge design, technology and sustainability. Following a rigorous design and selection process, Endless Solar was confirmed as the supplier of 144 purpose built solar collectors that cover the roof of the amazing 1 Bligh Street building, overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House.

Among the many innovations which contribute to 1 Bligh Street’s Green Star rating and sustainability credentials, the solar-driven cooling system is a centerpiece. Endless Solar provided the analysis, advice, designs and all the customized Evacuated Tube collectors which feed high temperature water into the tri-generation system and from there into the large absorption chiller. This system is expected to reduce the load that the building places on the CBD grid infrastructure by 25% and importantly, it will provide consistent, low energy cooling throughout the building – especially during summer.

With approximately 323 sqm of solar collectors, this system is delivering approximately 569 kWh of energy on average in one summer day and 436 kWh a day on an annual average.

Council Buildings

The City of Sydney Council chose to install Endless Solar Evacuated Tube systems at 13 public sites to provide energy efficient water heating services to a diverse range of facilities such as community meeting halls, sporting and activity centres, libraries and gymnasiums.

The Endless Solar system at the Redfern Community Centre (pictured) provides hot water for many purposes, including the preparation of approximately 100 meals per day for disadvantaged members of the local community.

Here are the list of completed systems for the City of Sydney:

Dromana Estate Winery

Originally established in 1982, Dromana Estate was instrumental in forging the Mornington Peninsula’s reputation as one of Australia’s leading wine regions.

The original system consisted of a single high capacity boiler with a 315L buffer tank, providing hot water for wine making.

The Endless Solar installation included a solar pre-heat system and a new gas boosting system (pictured). The solar pre-heat system consists of 180 premium high performance Endless Solar Evacuated Tubes and approximately 2000L of solar storage using marine grade stainless steel storage tanks. The boosting system consists of 3 Bosch high efficiency continuous flow water heaters with computerised modulation and rotation system.

After the installation, Dromana Estate saved over 15,000L of LPG that equates to more than $16,000 in the first year.

Helios Brewery

Helios Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery opened in December 2017. Located on Brisbane’s Southside at Yeerongpilly, they have a 15 bbl brewery system.

The owners Scott, Tony and Jayne are all environmental specialist and they made the brewery as environmentally sustainable as possible.

The powerful Queensland sun boosts Helios’s hot water supply for the brewing process as well as providing free electricity for the building.

In a first for an Australian brewery, Helios worked with Endless Solar in Melbourne to design an innovative solar thermal system where cold water passes through 90 evacuated tube collectors on the roof and heated to over 90°C.

The water is then stored within three 315l tanks before being transferred to the mash tun which requires heating to between 68 to 75°C, meaning that no power is required for the first half of the brewing process. Using solar thermal heating in this manner saves an estimated 30% of power that would otherwise be needed on brew day.