Endless Solar provides high quality Evacuated Tube solar hot water systems for both residential and commercial use. Our solar hot water systems are manufactured to meet Australian Standards using long lasting materials to suit Australian roofs.

Endless Solar Evacuated Tubes for Flexibility & Performance

Endless Solar’s range of high-performance commercial solar hot water solutions gives you the flexibility, reliability and results that you need to reduce your water heating costs and reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Endless Solar is a leader in Evacuated Tube Technology, which is significantly more efficient than traditional “flat panel / flat plate / un-glazed” solar collectors. Our commercial solar hot water systems are modular and easy to install and can be customized to suit your project. When you contact Endless Solar, our team of experienced technical staff will help you find the right solution for your project. We examine each job individually and we aim to get you the right results every time.

TRNSYS Modeling

At Endless Solar we use the world class TRNSYS (TRaNsient SYstem Simulation) modeling program to simulate your commercial systems before a final design is selected.

During the design process we create a computer model of your system in TRNSYS and ‘time step’ the performance throughout the year using actual weather data from the project location. This simulation gives you the peace of mind that you can confirm the expected performance before the system is installed.

TRNSYS takes the guess-work out of commercial solar hot water

Quality solar hot water components

Endless Solar uses only the highest quality components that are suitable for the rigors of commercial applications. A commercial grade solar hot water system from Endless Solar will work better, perform to specification… and last longer under the high demands of commercial use.

90 tube commercial solar hot water system at the Sydney City Council operated Redfern Community Centre NSW

Commercial Support

If you are planning a project and you are considering installing solar hot water – our experienced technical staff will help you from start to finish. Contact us for quick, friendly and accurate advice and service on your next project.