Endless Solar have put together a quick installation process to assist the property owner in receiving the benefits of solar water heating.

You will need to mount the collector and the tubes on the roof and we have installation videos to guide you through the process with adjustable mounting brackets to suit tile and steel rooves.

We must point out the safety issues with working at heights when installing the collector and tubes.   There are regulations in each state designed to ensure your safety so please make yourself familiar with those regulations and  consider using safety harnesses or have protection rails to prevent falls.

collector on roof

To assist you in a quick and efficient assembly process we have installed and tested a number of the components on the tank. All you will need to do is connect the pipework to the existing cold and hot water lines, run the lines up to the collector on the roof and rewire the electrical connection from the old tank.

If you are on town water then the connection to the system must legally be done by a licenced Plumber, and the electrical connection needs to be done by an electrician or a plumber with a disconnect /reconnect qualification.

Other than these requirements all you need to do is to connect the pipework and tighten the compression fittings that seal the system. The ball valves going to and from the solar collector have a built in thermometer for quick fault finding

The automatic air vent is installed to bleed of excess air bubbles from the system and needs to be at the highest point. This will help to remove turbulence in the water flow improving the heat time and reducing noise in the system.

The pump and controller are prewired, the inline flow meter and non return valve are installed to protect the pump from overloading.   All that is needed is to run the supply and return pipework and the sensor cable to the solar collector.

Electrical connection with contacts for mains (240 volt ) or Solar power (12 volt) with isolation switch for maintenance on heating element, which eliminates the need for an additional cost of getting an electrician to install a 10 amp outlet for the pump and controller saving approximately $250.