Endless Solar provides high quality Evacuated Tube solar hot water systems for both residential and commercial use. Our solar hot water systems are manufactured to meet Australian Standards using long lasting materials to suit Australian roofs.

What is a Pre-Heat system?

Without solar, you pay for gas or electrical energy to heat water. This occurs in a water storage tank with ‘boosting’ via an electrical element or instantaneous gas booster. A tremendous amount of energy is required to heat large amounts of water from mains temperature to legally allowed storage levels. 

By adding a solar heat collector, the mains temperature water is raised reducing the energy required to heat it. An Endless Solar system would provide the majority of your hot water heating energy. 

As the name suggests, a Pre-Heat System simply heats the cold mains-supplied water before it enters your existing hot water heating plant. The CER requires our systems to be at least 60% efficient. That means at least 60% of your heating cost would be replaced by free energy from the sun. In practice this can be up to 100% in summer, with a year round average of up to 80%.

An Example Endless Solar Pre-Heat System