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With patents secured globally, in all our identified major international markets, this energy saving technology may help save the world. 
It is reported that with extreme pressure on energy resources, due to sudden geopolitical shifts, accelerating global warming effects, and extreme weather patterns and events including more commonly, new highest recorded temperatures, often in unaccustomed environments, the need to develop and adopt new technologies may never been greater. 
Where industry is hampered by short supply or variable energy availability, and the citizen with high costs and rationing of domestic energy affecting heating and cooling requirements, to offer a heating and cooling solution with up to 90% energy reduction opportunity, could both take the pressure off the individual, communities, industries, and government.

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Sunset on Solar Panels

“Rapid and irreversible:” AEMO says energy crisis is accelerating switch to renewables...

Australia’s Energy Market Operator

Solar Eclipse

"There could be investment gold in a surprising place — air conditioning.

This roughly $48 billion industry (USA only) is expected to grow at a 1% annual rate in the next five years propelled by powerful trends — most notably climate change." Forbes Magazine

...that report was from 2020...and now...we have a major geopolitical energy crisis, extensive heat-waves in regions unaccustomed to high temperatures (including infrastructure incompatibility), so the impact could be much greater..

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"Asia-Pacific economies are facing an energy crisis that threatens to worsen in coming months and reach historic proportions if the Russia-Ukraine war continues. The magnitude of the crisis varies in different countries but broader trends are identical – high fuel prices, supply disruptions, domestic energy shortages, blackouts, involuntary demand destruction, calculated energy rationing, depleting forex reserves and market volatility."

S&P Global- Commodity Insights

Earth and Space

"Worst of Global Energy Crisis May Still Be Ahead, IEA Says"


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"Industry’s Current Valuation

On the basis of forward 12-month price to earnings, which is a commonly used multiple for valuing Air Conditioner and Heating stocks, the industry is currently trading at 38.7X versus the S&P 500’s 22.9X and the sector’s 17.2X."

Modern Office Building

"The heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning business is rapidly becoming one of the most consistent end markets in the industrial universe. It’s also becoming an important ESG play, and it benefits from post-Covid back-to-work trends. Profits—and valuation multiples—are expanding."

Image by Fabian Struwe

"Air conditioning is a climate disaster and Bill Gates is investing in this startup to fix it..."

Image by Mauro Sbicego

EU Plans 300-Billion-Euro Investment to Quit Russian Fossil Fuels

Adjusting Temperature

"Heat pumps can cut your energy costs by up to 90 per cent. It's not magic, just a smart use of the laws of physics"

ABC News- Sept 2022

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"Carbon offsets price may rise 3,000% by 2029 under tighter rules"


The world's largest companies are investing into carbon credits and looking to 2050 for significant returns. However as an investment strategy, they are also de-risking their operations, knowing that carbon-offsets will become more difficult to find. Through either mechanism...being voluntary markets, carbon removal, or a hybrid, the opportunity for companies who provide carbon-offset and carbon credit opportunities, will be of great value to industry, and the world.

Solar Panel Home

2.3 Billion Homes

~$215B Opportunity by 2029.

"The global heating, ventilation, and cooling system market (HVAC) is projected to grow from $149.80 billion in 2022 to $215.23 billion by 2029"

Fortune Business Insights

The world has changed, and so must we.

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