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It takes significant investment, research & development, and time in patent approvals to bring new technologies to market.

As a proud Victorian and Australian company, Endless Solar Corporation Ltd aims to become the world leader in heating and cooling solutions, to help reduce power consumption, reduce global warming, and offer responsible heat-to-cooling technologies, that enable greater human comfort.  


'CoolSolar' may save up to 90% of  energy use by converting hot air to cool air, through our patented technology. 

CoolSolar supports global initiatives that promote domestic sovereign energy efficiencies, to accelerate the adoption of our technology, in order to help take pressure off energy systems. 

Our product may help eliminate unreliability in high-demand peak periods such as high summer and deep winter, making other energy sources available for critical industries, and business continuity. 

CoolSolar can form part of a localised and sovereign energy solution, for government, industries, enterprises, and homes, across the world.

Welcome to CoolSolar...

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Technology Insights

CoolSolar- From hot cool air...simple...

Backed by university studies from both Australia and Germany, CoolSolar is a leading innovation for the quickly growing energy saving global HVAC market. 

Our R&D team includes leading academics, engineers, and industry experts, who have come together to accelerate commercialisation.

With innovations like these now in high demand across the world, and with an ever increasing demand for efficient, responsible and scalable solutions, CoolSolar can help to reduce energy consumption allowing for more energy to be available in the grid, for industry, and homes to avoid brown-outs and black-outs in peak periods. It is in part of an overall solution, to a significantly expanding problem. 

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Imagine coming home to a cool house in summer and knowing you’re also saving the planet. Imagine eliminating up to 90% of your cooling bills.

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now...keep imagining...

Now imagine, building a mini power station that generates power as soon as you start construction, which includes our cooling solution. Together, they produce nearly no CO2.

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Life, is for living...

CoolSolar technology offers us all the opportunity to lead an environmentally responsible and comfortable lifestyle.

Our living environment, be it home, office or workplaces, need to be in harmony with the planet for us all to have a bright, and healthy future. We are helping to re-balance the living space at a time, one factory at a time, one community at a time, right across the globe. 

The CoolSolar Opportunity

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1. Energy demand is greater than supply

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2. Consumer decision to install CoolSolar solution

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3. Consumer financing (affordable solution)

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4. Single day installation using standard tradies providing local area jobs.

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5. Major components/systems manufactured locally. Increasing local manufacturing jobs. Offering quick turnaround, supply on demand. 

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6. Generating power starts immediately

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7. Up to 90% reduction* in heating and cooling costs (*key target)

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8. Downward pressure on consumer energy bills

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9. Repeat until demand is less than supply

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10. Outcome: Supporting Local & Nation Sovereign Energy Solution, Assisting to Reduce CO2 Emissions, Assist to offset Global Warming, provision of efficient, affordable, reliable, cooling. 

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How it works...

Our technology couples with heating solutions. When combined, our key partner products can generate up to 90% of heating and cooling cost savings, for the home, office or contained environment, using the sun. 

We use our proven partnership solar-air-conditioning (heat pump) technology to heat, and include our globally patented cooling technology, to convert the hot air, into cool air, and cool the environment.

Together we use the house as the main energy storage battery.

Combined, we integrate with a bespoke solar hot water and PV (Photovoltaic) + battery system, to keep your system running after sunset. 

CoolSolar helps eliminate soaring power-bills, and offers provision of cooling when you need it. A true cooling innovation. 

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